Friday, February 12, 2010

Can The Irs Audit A Closed Business How Long Can The IRS Audit A Closed Business For Back Sales Tax That May Be Owed In Florida?

How long can the IRS audit a closed business for back sales tax that may be owed in Florida? - can the irs audit a closed business

the return of VAT, which can be caused in Florida.


  1. Oh, man, can the IRS do something in this country .... and is not about the sweet old days! and yet they are not crazy!

  2. He even said that the company cash to pony or not.

  3. VAT is not a tax, and nothing to do what we, with the IRS

  4. Well, if you want a real answer. The IRS can not audit by the tax. The State of Florida Department of Revenue can go back 5 years in most cases () more in some cases.

    Now, having said that ... When you say, can actually refuse from the time the IRS for a refund. It can and will hold until it is paid. And a bankruptcy stop this action. It is a trust fund and the withholding of salaries of employees.

    Hope this helps!

  5. IRS can not verify any company tax. The sales tax is a state and community are important, not the federal government.